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GraphPad Instat

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Type of Program: Statistical Analysis
Supported Platforms: Windows 95, NT
Company Name: GraphPad Software, Inc
Version: 3.00
Price: $129 (conventional) and $79 (online)
Installed Size: 1.46 Megs


GraphPad Instat is an excellent statistical program, offered at a very affordable price, especially useful for scientists and physicians. The program performs almost all the statistical basic tests, but doesn't handle the advanced ones, like cluster analysis or logistic regression, for example. Anyway, its functions are more than enough for the basic purposes of many people; moreover is easy to use, with its step-by-step procedure, working in parallel with a very efficient online help. Talking about help files, the support is really superb and, even though it can't substitute a good text, it surely helps giving a good resume of otherwise bigger topics. Other important and useful features are represented by the import/export functions, to retrieve or insert data from or to other database (available only for registered versions, the same as for printing), and by the possibility to graphically represent the results of statistical analysis.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed By Davide Di Lazzaro

Whom to Contact: GraphPad Software, Inc. 5755 Oberlin #110,
San Diego CA 92121
Phone: 800-388-4723 (US only), 619-457-3909
(outside US) Fax:
How To Pay: Check, MC, VISA

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