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HTML Power Tools

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Type of Program: HTML Page/Site Maintenance
Supported Platform: Windows 3.X/95/NT
Company Name: Talicom
Version: 2.1
Price: free to try/ $59.95 complete suite/ individual tool prices below
Installed size: 4.5M (32-bit), 3.7M (16-bit)


If web-site maintenance is your particular battlefield, HTML Power Tools is an industrial-strength suite of eight utilities that can help you win the war. Choose one or the entire toolset, to analyze web-page problems, do HTML validation, freshen up date stamps, find bad links or obsolete files, ensure you site is listed on the major search engines, ensure every IMG tag has height/width/ALT values, convert web pages to plain text, or do in-depth search and replace across your whole site --these tools do a great job and do it FAST. Plus, there's an HTML-aware spell checker that handles web content where conventional spell-checkers just don't cut it. And to best suit your needs, you can customize the included browser definitions (which include HTML 4, IE4, Navigator 4, and more). It's effective arsenal, suitable for novice or pro.

This version has improved support for tables and cells in HTML validation, faster running speed, and the PowerSpell tool is included in the suite price of $59, rather than purchased at additional cost. The highlights and pricing of each tool are listed below.

A new FREE bonus product is now available, called Link Checker (which is reviewed separately since it's a stand-alone tool that works with or without HTML Power Tools). Link Checker validates remote HTTP:// links. Refer to that review at this site.

HTML Power Tools is very intuitive to use, with its Launch Pad interface to all tools. This pad contains up to eight buttons for access to each of the tools you've installed. It's a handy small size, so you can just park the Launch Pad somewhere on the screen, and bring up whatever tool as you need it. Each tool has its own wizards and help file to answer any questions you might have along the way. But you'll find they're all friendly and sensible in operation. Here's more detail on each tool, with the prices if purchased separately.

(1) HTML PowerAnalyzer -- ($24.95) Ensure your markup is perfectly error free. This uses comprehensive algorithms to scan your HTML files and alert you to all errors located. Catches all syntax errors, invalid characters, entity codes, non-text characters, missing/invalid link references for both local files and web pages on other servers, missing anchors, and link references containing capital letters, useful for case-sensitive UNIX servers. Can be customized and supports HTML 3.2/4, Netscape 3 and 4, and Internet Explorer 3 and 4. Analyze for the selected browser, and it will flag any proprietary HTML tags not supported. It also lists all files not in use so you can spot old ones that may be deletable.

(2) HTML Power Spell -- ($24.95) Typos mar you web presence. Spell-check every page on the entire site, and FAST too! This tool fully understands HTML code and checks the right stuff, and includes support for custom dictionaries, multiple languages, plus other custom spelling and/or context options.

(3) HTML Image Scanner -- ($14.95) Make those image laden pages appear to load faster -- it starts with ensuring the right width and height parameters are correct, which can be hard if you frequently change/add images. This tool's a necessity, then. It scans every IMG tag and inserts the right one at the click of a button. And even if missing ALT tags aren't necessarily an error, they make things nicer for visitors while waiting for graphics to load.

(4) HTML Meta Manager -- ($19.95) You want your site, and all its pages to show up on the major search engines, but what a pain it is to insert/update meta tags! Just enter a description and keywords for your pages in one easy window, and Meta Manager adds the meta tags to them all -- no more of this manual page-by-page stuff. Edits are a piece of cake too.

(5) HTML Power Search -- (19.95) Powerful, HTML-aware search tool that does search and replace across an entire site, including subdirectories, with a single click. Use wild-cards too.

(6) HTML Date Stamper -- ($14.95) If your pages are fresh, keep those date stamps fresh too, so your visitors will know it. Still, to insert a new, "date last modified" annotation on each page is a tedious task -- but this tool will do the job, for all or selected web pages, with single-click ease.

(7) HTML to Text Converter -- (free) Sometimes you just gotta change an HTML document to text -- but if you just strip out the markup , the result is a pretty ugly sight. This converter takes a pretty approach, interpreting the HTML tags and creating a text document with closely matched formatting. As much as is possible with text, right? But things like headings, titles, bullets, and multi-numbered lists can be maintained. There are other options too, check it out. And it runs in batch mode, so some or all of the files in your selected project can be converted with one click. Very fast.

(8) HTML Rulebase Editor -- (free) Keep pace of the constant HTML evolution. As real-world implementations change, you can customize and update every attribute of every HTML tag and tag attribute that's affected. And just open up the editor anytime -- it also doubles as a complete online reference of the entire HTML language.

As HTML implementations evolve, new rulebase updates are regularly posted at the Talicom web site for download. Check in periodically to ensure you keep your Rulebase Editor current. (There is no charge for rulebase updates.)

I think just about every base is covered with HTML PowerTools. These utilities are comprehensive and leave nothing to chance or assumption. Everything is free for you to try out for 30 days, completely functional. Installation is easy and support is offered to registered users. For more information on pricing and ordering, refer to the product website. You could pay a whole lot more for tools like this and get a whole lot less.

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Reviewed by Bobbie Crowell
ICQ # 9407183

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