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Red Box Organizer

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Type of Program: PIM, web-capable organizer
Supported Platform: Win 95/NT
Company Name: inKline Global, Inc.
Version: 2.3
Price: free to try/ $39.95
Installed size: 2.85M 


Red Box now has even more organizing power! You can easily get a handle on the tangle of appointments, phone contacts, meetings, deadlines, project notes, and timelines -- plus have Internet access and HTML publishing abilities at the click of a button. This is an ingenious PIM that pulls together all your time management loose-ends, within your office and around the world. It's gorgeous to look at and foolproof to use.

One or multiple users can be set up on Red Box, and the new Internet Book allows instant email and launching of URLs without leaving the program. The new Data Publishing Wizard instantly generates web-ready HTML pages of your Planner, To-Do, Calendar, and Address Book contents, making information-sharing speedy and painless.

Instant access is yours, to the Calendar (daily, weekly, monthly -- and it automatically cross-references); To-Do list, Address Book, Notes, Reports, Anniversaries, Reminders, Phone Dialer, and Link Manager. You can enter information from the keyboard, the clipboard, import and export files to/from other organizers and text editors, and even share data with other Red Box users (like for merging address books, schedules, and reports).

Red Box Organizer accepts data from organizers that include Sidekick 95, Lotus Organizer versions 1.1 and 2.1, and Schedule+ version 7.0, and any other programs that support TXT and CSV formats. It supports import/export and messaging for network user groups, and multiple users can be configured on a single machine. Optional password access can be set up for security.

Other new features in this version include capability to adapt the Windows custom color schemes you may set up, and a cool restyling of the Toolbar and sounds. It's also been improved to work more smoothly with Lotus Organizer and Sidekick imports, Call Notes, and Recurring Events. I've always found that Red Box worked fast, and these improvements make feature-access and operation even better.

There's a handy Suggestions box in the Calendar you can personalize to speed up frequently-made entries, and Background operation allows Red Box to work quietly in the system tray to deliver reminders and alarms. By right-clicking the Red Box tray icon and selecting your user-name, you get a pop-up overview of the day's schedule without opening the regular program window. Very convenient!

Every scheduling function is self-explanatory and intuitive in its use, but a drop-down help menu offers ideas as needed. Calendar entries are automatically cross referenced across the daily, weekly, and monthly listings, plus are entered on the Planner timeline so you never lose track or have to remember to make manual entries -- it becomes close to impossible to lose track of deadlines or appointments. This makes any conflicts in your schedule easily diagnosed at a glance. And I really like how easy it is to track recurring events -- such as an important group meeting that's held the 2nd Friday each month, for example. I've no worries about scheduling those anymore!

Instant Reports can be generated, in the date-ranges you select, from your Calendar (by matching text), To-Do list (by priority), Anniversary (by matching text), and Address book (by personal and business lists). Just pick your parameters, and Red Box assembles it in a blink, and you can export the results to another program or user.

The Link Manager ties every Red Box entry together, in flowchart style, showing the interaction of related entries across the whole Organizer. For example, if you were managing Project A, the Link Manager pulls in every relevant project date (from Calendar), project notes and action items (from To-Do), communications (from Address Book), and connects the interdependent items (by date or content). Is this a project manager's dream come true or what? And the Planner gives you a visual timeline view of project dates, plus, the viewer section of the Planner, shows all time-relevant items from the Calendar, To-Do, and main Planner. Never have a deadline fall into a Black Hole again.

For all this function, Red Box Organizer is remarkably fast and doesn't gobble up a lot of disk space. There's a program level help, and feature level help, yet you may not need it often since the program is innately sensible. I've found it frustration-free and enjoyable to use. Red Box is free to try, fully functional, for 30 days. If you need a bombproof, affordable organizer that's well supported, I think you'll find Red Box Organizer very impressive.

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Reviewed by Bobbie Crowell
ICQ # 9207183

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