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Stella 2000

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Type of Program:Astronomy
Supported Platforms:Win 9x/NT (Other Products for DOS Win 3x)
Company Name:Coeli Software Products (Coeli Inc.)
Price:$59, the Extended Edition $79, Coeli Gold $99.
Installed Size:3.3 Mb


The installation of this program is easy, pick your directory etc. One thing you should know right away that this program is for use under Hi-color or Truecolor mode at a resolution of at least 800x600 pixels. If you cannot meet these requirements then they recommend purchase of their slightly less demanding Coeli - Electric Planisphere.

The program is very intuitive first of all find where you are on a map of the globe then click and the sky map switches to a map of the sky at your location. You can search for stars, constellations, DSO's, and solar systems. Then it will find the area on the sky map that you searched for and circle it. It will at the same time display information about the searched for item, here is what I got when I searched for Mars:

Name: Mars
Magnitude: 2.84
Distance from Earth: 2.487 AU
Distance from Sun: 1.477 AU
Phase: 1.000
Observed at 10:12:36 May 13 1998
RA 3h 17m 14s DEC 18 14' 45''
Alt 53 33' 42'' Az 77 4' 13''
Rises 6:25:42 Transits 12:42:25 Sets 19:03:03

This program could be an indispensable tool for the astronomer. You can record your observations in a log at the click of your mouse and also print that log out

They have really spent some time making this program easy to use, they have put in a bunch of shortcut keys that can really help you out. Here are a few of them:


a / A Auto-Resolution ON-OFF // Aequator line ON/OFF
b / B Brighten (enlarge) all stars // Drain color all stars
c Center display
C Scintillation (twinkling) ON/OFF
d / D Dim (shrink) all stars // Deepen color all stars
e / E Face East // Ecliptic line ON/OFF
f / F Find by Name // Find by Designation

They have also taken the time to include many useful tools in the right click menu.
There are many other tools in this program that are useful such as being able to view the sky from East West, etc. It is a really nice program.

In conclusion, if you are at all interested in astronomy try this program out, what do you have to lose? I think you will like it and buy it.

You are allowed 100 uses of this fully featured shareware .

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Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Bill Mereck

Contact name: Peter W. Chayleigh
Company: Coeli Software Products (Coeli Inc.)

Company Address: 

Coeli Software Products
Bahnhofstrasse 58
CH-8001 Zurich

Tel (orders only): +49-221-2407278
Fax (orders only): +49-221-2407279

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