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Type of Program: Text-to-HTML Conversion
Supported Platforms: Windows 95/NT
Company/Author: Virdi Software/ Dev Virdi
Version: 1.3
Price: free (upgrade to Pro for $15.95)
Installed size: 187K


Here's a handy little tool for converting those odd bits of text into HTML, for quick adds to your web page(s). Text2Web presents a single control window that makes it simple to target your source text for conversion, from either clipboard or selected text-file. A single button click, and the text is instantly converted, complete with the formatting tags, to be exported to the clipboard as either HTML body text, or stand-alone HTML web-page content (header tag would be included in this case). Just paste the text-to-HTML product from clipboard to destination web-page, using your favorite HTML editor. And that's it. (I used Text2Web in combination with my clipboard-enhancer program, so I could convert and store a whole batch of text-to-HTML snippets there, before firing up the editor.)

This version of Text2Web will now generate true HTML lists, and integrates the clipboard support. Depending on your selected options, you can create stand-alone web pages, as well as insertions for existing web pages. For new web-pages, Text2Web gives your font and point-size options for the HTML output, and handles line- and column-sensitive text (such as tables and lists). The Pro version will generate HTML tables and link-selection boxes from comma-separated lists.

Operation of this tool doesn't need a whole lot of explaining, and text-to-HTML conversion is all it does. But this thing really works like a charm, and if you want to save time on tedious marking-up of web page insertions, Text2Web is going to become one of your small treasures.

Text2Web is free and yours to keep. Or you can upgrade to the Text2Web Pro version for $15.95, which also offers a floating toolbar option for added working convenience. (Just click on the Upgrade button inside the freeware program for instructions.) Both editions of Text2Web require VB4 runtimes, and if needed, you may download the file from the product's download page. Orders are accepted via major credit card, money order, postal order, check, and cash -- see the product web site for ordering details. Support is available for registered users only.

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Reviewed by Bobbie Crowell
ICQ # 9407183

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