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TreeSize Pro

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Type of Program: Disk Management
Supported Platforms: Windows 95/98/NT
Company/Author: JAM Software/ Joachim Marder
Version: 2.0.4b
Price: free to try/ $30
Installed size: 2.1M


TreeSize Pro is a flexible hard-drive space manager that roots through your drive(s), and offers detailed findings of your storage, in either list-report format or graphically, via color-coded pie graphs and bar charts. Find out exactly where your biggest or oldest folders are, how much bloat your temp files occupy, and it targets wasted slack space too -- and with this new version, there's support for FAT32 as well as FAT file systems. (That's good news for you Windows 95 OSR-2 users. Also, for NT users, a new COMCTL32.DLL is added since this version uses new features of Windows Common Controls.) Many other new features are also added to TreeSize Pro's impressive disk management arsenal. And this program's output is as pretty as it is powerful.

This is an ideal tool to locate junk files, unused files, useless DLLs, slack; to "try-on" how your hard drive would look using different cluster sizes; and determine not only what occupies your drive but your usage characteristics. It offers housekeeping helps you may not even have thought about.

TreeSize Pro's easy-to-use Explorer-like interface has some nice new refinements in toolbar presentation, still giving you the multi-threading capability for analyzing more than one file at once, and the many familiar options for sorting by folder name, size, or no sorting (which is a good option for very large drives). Sorting parameters can be by bytes allocated, space-percentage used, wasted space, even in CD-ROM cluster size so your can tell your CD-R space requirements prior to a write operation.

Some enhancements have been made to the file search capabilities, which allow for ferreting out, on whichever drive your select, the biggest and oldest folders/files, plus temp files. Now, you can enter additional UNC paths (for directly targeting a specific path you specify) to the drive list of the search window. And some new checkboxes are added to the file search lists to make it even easier now to delete multiple files.

Other handy new features are that you can use command line options (if you want to schedule TreeSize Pro to do unattended scans in off-hours); you can update a single branch of a directory tree; and there's drag-n-drop capability for reordering lists. Plus you can save results of search scans for export to clipboard or text file with a few clicks, and there's easier export into Excel 97.

Still, TreeSize Pro version 2.0.4 is still a beta, and the author encourages you to keep your version 1.0 installed just in case. I found that version 2.0.4b did a nice job, and was very useful in presenting hard-drive data in a quickly comprehensible way. If you hard drive's filling up faster than a landfill, this cool tool is well worth a try. Good support is provided via email and the author encourages bug reports and feedback, with helpful usage information provided at both the product web site and in the TreeSize Pro help files. Registered users will get free updates as they are released. Also refer to the product web site for ordering information.

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Reviewed by Bobbie Crowell
ICQ # 9407183

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