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Turbo Browser 98

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Type of Program: Multi-Format File Viewer & Utility
Supported Platform: Windows 95
Company Name: FileStream
Version: 6.01
Price: free to try/ $59.95
Installed size: 2.25m


Turbo Browser 98 is a highly integrated file management tool that has the muscle to kick sand in the faces of Windows explorer and all those other little file viewers, multimedia players, graphics converters, and mini-managers you've ganged together to do the same jobs. With its versatile three-panel interface, Turbo Browser 98 works fast, allowing quick viewing of just about any filetype, showing you the tree listings on the left, folder contents in the middle, and files contents to the right. It handles file conversion, compression, file manipulation (copy/move/paste/delete), encryption/decoding, disk spanning (file splitting for floppy transfers), and batch file processing of any files your choose. Wow, huh?

This new version adds capabilities for previewing Adobe PDF files, AutoCAD DWF files, and MP3 music files using Active Movie, via upgraded ActiveX controls -- in addition to previewing of HTML, ZIP, email, spreadsheets, documents, images and clips via the integrated Turbo Browser 98 viewer. Just add new filter definitions anytime you have any extra viewing needs.

Even better, Turbo Browser 98 is easy to use, and you can tweak it to suit your tastes: if you have a panel you want to float and dock somewhere handy on the screen as you work, do it. If you're looking for an elusive file, advanced search options let you hunt them by contents, date, type, location, attributes, filesize -- and you can search your entire computer, including subfolders! And if you have various files you need to find first, handle later -- well, just drag-n-drop 'em down to Turbo Browser's "QBar" -- that's where you can store files you want to queue up (Q, see?) and handle in a batch. Just drop them onto the QBar function button for the job in question: ExportQ, ZipQ, ConvertQ, PrintQ, ViewQ, and SoundQ. Add your own Q buttons too, for special collections or whatever. (And anytime you see a "plus" sign added to the Q button's name, that means there's something stored there.) When you're ready to process your "Q" files, just click on the appropriate Q button. It's much easier done than explained.

More goodies: For graphics conversion, you need go no further for changing image format and basic image enhancement (including color reduction, to reduce filesize). You can print any printable file (text and spreadsheets in any format, graphics of any kind, your ZIP file viewer list, email, even hexidecimal -- without having to open associated programs. With the installed ActiveX components, you can create and edit ActiveX documents (like HTML files), all within Turbo Browser. Just open this program, and click around on the toolbar -- you'll see even more features, which you can mix and match to suit every contingency.

I first saw Turbo Browser (when it was "97") about a year ago, just after I'd bought what I thought was a whiz-bang file viewer/manager, and I nearly cried. I'd paid the same money for something that ONLY viewed, and not even as expansively as Turbo Browser. If you handle lots of varied-format files, this single program rolls up the function of at least five separate ones. So the price is really quite right. See for yourself with a fully functional 30-day trial. Ordering details can be obtained at the product web site, including the pricing for German, French, and Japanese editions of this product. Turbo Browser 98 can also be purchased in a price-reduced package with Turbo ZIP, at a total of $79.95. (Turbo ZIP sells individually $39.95 and is listed under a separate product review.) Registered users receive email support, plus there's lots of information at the product web site -- and Turbo Browser 98 includes a comprehensive help file.

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Reviewed by Bobbie Crowell
ICQ # 9407183

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