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WinZip Internet Browser Add-On

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Type of Program: Compression, Internet Browser Add-On
Supported Platforms: Win 3.1/95/NT
Company Name: Nico Mak Computing, Inc.
Version: Build 0231
Price: free for registered version 6.3 users
Installed size: 58K (16-bit wzinet31.exe), 79K(32-bit wzinet95.exe)


So much of what we download from the Internet comes packaged in Zip files, so WinZip's new Internet Browser Add-On automates part of the process. When you click on a Zip file for download off the web, using either Netscape or Internet Explorer, WinZip move the download into the destination folder of your choice (default will be c:\download), and immediately opens it (if you select this option).

WinZip's Internet Browser Add-On requires WinZip version 6.3, preferably with the SR-1 service pack installed (see the product website for upgrade details). Since the add-on depends on compatible interface with its companion browser, The Internet Browser Add-On has been tested with these browser versions (represents both 16-bit and 32-bit):

Netscape Communicator: 4.05, 4.04, 4.03, 4.01a Netscape Navigator: 3.04, 3.03 MS Internet Explorer: 4.01, 4.0 MS Internet Explorer: 3.03.2925, 3.02a, 3.02

As these browsers become updated, WinZip will release corresponding updates to the Internet Browser Add-On wherever practical and necessary. The add-on is currently free, and installs directly to WinZip version 6.3.

User Friendly:
Cost: (free)
Ease of Installation:
Support: (TBD)
Reviewed by Bobbie Crowell

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