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Business Cards

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Type of Program: Personal Information Management Software
Supported Platforms: Windows
Company Name: MidStream
Version: 4.18
Price: 29.99
Installed Size: 626KB


Business Cards is a very simple, yet very handy personal information manager. The setup is rather unique. The screen is of blank business cards, and you can add up to 8 lines of information about a person or business. The program is like one of those business card books in which you put the business cards that you have into it, and it provides you with a handy reference.

Business Cards provides you with a powerful program, and the features are first class. You can add hyper-links to access a companies web site or file transfer protocol (FTP.) You can also change every aspect of the font that you want to use,including color, size, style, alignment, and you can use any font on your system. Other unique and handy features include dialing phone numbers from your computer and marking certain cards that you will need to use in the future. The only real "bad point" is that you cannot add graphics or pictures to your cards.

Overall, it's better than the old and forgotten Windows Card File, and if you still have Card File, and if you use graphics in it, then you might want to stick with Card File, however, Business Cards is a great information manager, and it provides business owners, business workers, or just ordinary people with a very nice, very handy program with a unique set up and user friendly interface. I recommend that you give this one a try if you are in the market for such a program.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by John Guilfoil -

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