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Chicago Bulls 2 Screen Saver

bullsm.gif (978 bytes)

Type of Program: Screen Saver
Supported Platforms: Windows
Company Name: T & P SC
Version: Volume 2.12
Price: free
Installed Size: 2MB


Any Chicago Bulls fan MUST have the Chicago Bulls Screen Saver Volume 2. The screen saver features several VERY WELL DESIGNED pictures of Michael and the Bulls and their championship seasons. The screen saver also features a MIDI music background. Most people complain about having boring MIDI music, but this song really had a ring to it that really made the song go with the program.

The Bulls Screen Saver runs just like any other screen saver. You have to change the screen saver settings in the control panel and click OK. The install program puts a shortcut to the screen saver on the start menu, so all you really have to do to see the worlds best Bulls pictures is click on the Bulls Screen Saver logo.

The saver is free, and if you like Michael Jordan, the Bulls, or basketball itself, you Must have this screen saver.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by John Guilfoil

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