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Co$tWorks 98

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Type of Program:HVAC Energy Cost Comparison Program
Supported Platforms: Win95/98/NT
Company Name: MicroWorks, Inc.
Version: 2.1
Price: $150
Installed Size: 6.5M


Selling heating, ventilation and air systems is a difficult job, requiring a good deal of technical knowledge and a large supply of tenacity. A question almost always asked by prospective customers is "how well does that system compare to the competition?"

CostWorks will answer that question, neatly and with an impressive array of statistical information, without the usual mass of scribbled figures on a notepad. The software provides a chart to compare two types of HVAC unit. The salesman tabs from field to field, quickly keying in pertinent information about both systems such as location, state,fuel costs, monthly utility charges, and Btuh heating and cooling loads (which can be quickly calculated using the excellent J-Works software we reviewed recently).

The client can watch these figures being keyed in, and can see that the software is totally impartial. (A good tip would be to let the client decide if the rival system is entered as Unit 1 or Unit 2, so as to be absolutely assured of a fair test.)

Once the figures are loaded, one click on the "compare" button gives a report on the running costs of each system, and displays which is the most economic one. This can be printed out as a professional looking report to give to the client, which shows details of all the figures used, the name of the sales man and (VERY important) the salesman's phone number.

For clients who are unsure if the investment in a more expensive system is worth it, the CostWorks report will provide an analysis of the positive payback period for each system. It will also help with decisions about which fuel to go for, and what quality of equipment to purchase. CostWorks is an invaluable tool for HVAC sales people, it will provide a real edge in a competitive industry and help the client to make an informed decision.

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Reviewed by Sue Abbott

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