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Type of Program: Image Transformation/Animation
Supported Platforms: Windows 95
Company Name: Stoik Software
Version: 1.0
Price: free to try/ $29.95
Installed size: 4.88


Watch Aunt Martha grow a Pinnoccio nose right before your very eyes. Or maybe you wish to create some original art or effects for a more "serious" project. Deformer is a fun new program with a stunningly beautiful user interface, that makes it easy to deform, alter, transform, and animate pictures. Just put the pointer on the area of the image you want to deform, and move your mouse -- transformations take place in real time, so you can watch the show as you go. It's a great way to create unique and entertaining image effects for your website. On the practical side, if you have an image or picture that needs correction or reshaping, Deformer is the perfect tool for image alteration. So Deformer is very useful for desktop publishing projects as well as web-page design. (And good fun with email attachments to your friends, too.)

Deformer reads TIFF, Targa, PhotoCD, PCX, BMP, JPEG, GIF, and PNG formats, and accepts images from hard drive or TWAIN-compatible scanner. Controls from the Start page have picture-representation, just click around. It's very friendly. You can open an existing image or scan one directly into the program. Then select from a variety of tools that shrink, stretch, magnify, move, and swirl the parts of your image you sweep the mouse across. And you can fine-tune the power (strength or thickness) of the tool to achieve the desired special effect. Image transformations can be seen as you go, in real-time, can be played back before saving, and the effects can be seen, animator-style, in frames displayed below the image viewer.

Depending on your project needs, you can save a single transformed image or save the entire series of deformations as an AVI (animation) file. Deformer is very easy to use to achieve special effects, and an easier alternative than using a GIF animator to achieve these results. It's available as a fully functional 15-day trial, with a nag screen. Free support is offered for registered users.

User Friendly:
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Reviewed by Bobbie Crowell
ICQ # 9407183

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