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Digital Darkroom

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Type of Program: Image Editor
Supported Platforms: Mac/Windows 95/NT
Company Name: MicroFrontier, Inc.
Version: 1.2
Price: free to try/ $9.95 intro price/regularly $49.95
Installed size: 1.97M (Windows)


If you're looking for a completely easy-to-use image editor for freehand art or editing imported images from disk or TWAIN-compatible scanner and digital camera, Digital Darkroom is an inexpensive contender that can be used with either Mac or Windows 95/NT platforms. It supports Adobe Photoshop compatible plug-ins too, adding to its flexibility.

This novice-level image editor is geared toward generating web-art, and contains commonly used (but not all) filters and supports GIF, JPG, and BMP image formats. Digital Darkroom contains image manipulation features you'd expect to find (resizing and positioning features, focus controls, color adjustments and grayscale, supported-format conversion, NTSC video correction, and common filters). It also has an built-in browser to allow edit previews and thumbnail cataloging, which adds to its friendliness factor, plus an Automagic menu that allows one-click image repair and enhancement.

Digital Darkroom really is pleasant to use. For example, when you're experimenting with color or filter settings, the selection window offers you a batch of sample swatches (taken from your active image) to show you what each setting would look like. Then just select the radio button by the swatch you want to try. It allows up to four consecutive Undos, which saves you some toggling time as you work. And while most images are measured in pixels, you can easily reset measurement to inches, centimeters, picas, or points.

However, Digital Darkroom has no resident screen-capture function, which to me is an essential basic for an image program. On the plus side, if you buy the CD version, you get a large image library. To get the CD, you must purchase by telephone or FAX (numbers given below). So think about whether the image library is important to you, before placing an online order from the product website (you don't get a CD with online orders). Despite my complaint about the absent screen capture function, for the current $9.95 price, you BET I've ordered the CD, since the highlights of this clever little editor are well worth it. It's free to try for 30 days, and the demo version is disabled -- save, print, export, and copy functions won't work until you register or load the purchased CD. Pricing and ordering details can be found at the product web site, and it's not specified how long this special price will last. Best to check it out soon. Support is given to registered users.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Bobbie Crowell
ICQ # 9407183

To get the Digital Darkroom on CD, which includes the image library, you must purchase by telephone at (800)388-8109 or by FAX at (515)225-9887.

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