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Doom II

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Type of Program: Action/3D
Supported Platforms: Dos/Mac (Not Shareware)
Company Name: id Software
Version: 1.9
Price: 39.99 retailed at 12.99
Installed Size: 17 megs


I'm a big Doom fan, and I loved Doom 2. There are several changes from Doom to Doom 2. First of all, there is a new weapon, the Super Shotgun. It's a double barrelled sawed off shotgun for use in tactical, and far range battles. It takes longer to reload than the shotgun, but it packs twice the punch! Doom 2 is 30 levels with 2 really cool secret levels. I won't tell you what's in them, but if you have played a lot of 3D action games, them you'll instantly know what it is. The cheats for this game are available at thousands of places on the internet. The most important are iddqd - god more idkfa - all weapons, ammo, and keys. You should really like this game if you like Dos games. I enjoyed the long, involving game play that will give you hours of non stop action. It will run on any system 386 or better, but like all games, really picks up with a faster computer.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by John Guilfoil

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