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Morph Man 2

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Type of Program: Image Transformer/AVI Maker
Supported Platform: Windows 95
Company Name: Stoik Software Ltd.
Version: 2.01
Price: free to try/ $49.95
Installed size: 5M


Morph Man 2 picks up where its freeware brother, Morph Man '95 leaves off, with more sophisticated morphing functions, plus a versatile set of 3 extra multimedia applications for sound/video import and editing. This is a terrific toolset for beginner or expert, with options and functions that are easily understood via an excellent interactive tutorial and sensible controls. Each Morph Man 2 tool allows you to experiment and create slick multimedia projects quickly, without your being an artistic genius or gonzo moviemaker. It works with JPEG, TIFF, TGA, PCX, DIB, GIF, BMP, WAV, and AVI formats. (Morphing is short for "morphological transformation.")

The complete package consists of the basic Morph Man module (for creating both morphs and distortions); Video Man (for creating and editing AVI animated movie files); Sound Man (for synching sound effects with your AVIs); and Video Man Capturer (for importing video from your camcorder, VCR, laser disk, or TV).

So by using a combination of these tools, Morph Man 2 allows you to make not only the usual static morphing from two images (transforming your source image into your target image), but also dynamic morphing (the transformation from one video sequence to another) with or without audio. And it's really nice to be able to draw from broad resources to get yourself started -- from existing files, clipboard content, or external video input.

Although the freeware version, Morph Man '95 is great for producing nice, quick static morphs (see that product review here for details on its basic morphing functions), I found that Morph Man 2's extra precision allowed for a much smoother looking product. Once I'd created my sample AVI morph in Morph Man, it was an easy matter to import it into Sound Man to add audio to it (via WAV file). Editing my animated movie using Video Man was done easily, with each frame easily accessed and testable before saving. And when using the Video Man Capturer, the toolbar and button controls made it foolproof to get the right audio settings and capture functions set up without any bother.

In all, Morph Man 2 is a versatile set of multimedia functions that give you lots of creative space without demanding a lot of time, talent, or program expertise. It really packs in a lot of cool multimedia stuff for something that's priced under $50. A demo version can be downloaded from the product web site, but it only allows you to view samples of what Morph Man 2 projects -- it won't let you create or save edits. But, trust me, whatever's crippled in the demo indeed works just great. Product support for registered users is great too, and there are additional graphics products at the STOIK web site that can be used in conjunction with Morph Man 2. Or as your upgrade path. Check it out.

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Reviewed by Bobbie Crowell
ICQ # 9407183

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