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NetLab for Windows

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Type of Program: Ping & TCP/IP Tools
Supported Platforms: Windows 95/NT
Author's Name: Alexander Danileiko
Version: 1.3.7
Price: free
Installed size: 523K


NetLab for Windows is the best freeware TCP/IP toolset I've seen! Of the network tools you'd use most often in a ping program, Netlab has them, plus some niceties that make this an truly excellent net utility for the price. (Even if it weren't free.)

Its tabbed user interface offers quick access to NetLab's functions: Finger, WhoIs, Time, Quote, Ping, Trace, DNS, Port Scan, Info, and Options.

The Time function is very nice: the Daytime feature tells you the time at a remote server's location, and the Synchronize function allows you to connect to the atomic-clock server of your choice to keep your computer in perfect time. No more need for that external atomic clock app. The Finger function (allowing you to find logged-in users at a remote site) also includes an Address Book to make reaccess very handy. WhoIs will get you registered user and host information from the Network Information Service (NIC). Quote connects you to a Quote of the Day server. Ping will verify whether a remote server is online or not. Trace will trace the connection routing to a remote computer. DNS lets you find out the IP address of any DNS registered host, and helps you resolve host and IP addresses, plus possible aliases. Port Scan gives you a test of services that can work with the Winsock version on your particular machine. Info displays all information about your installed Winsock, such as version, maximum number of sockets, and so forth. And Options includes program settings, such as minimizing to a system tray icon, firewall settings, and user interface fonts.

If you need more specialized TCP/IP features than this, you probably already have another program installed as you read this. But the features in NetLab can do a great job for the day-to-day sorts of inquiries we want, and it works like a champ. And even better, it's free and always will be -- the author says if you feel so moved, sure, write him a check (in any amount that expresses your appreciation). It'll help ongoing development, and he invites comments and bug reports too. His mailing address is: Alexander Danileiko, 1305 Wesley Plantation Dr., Duluth, GA, USA. There's also support via the program Help file, and more information at the product web site.

User Friendly:
Cost: free
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Support: (email author at )
Reviewed by Bobbie Crowell
ICQ # 9407183

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