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Type of Program: Dos Text Editor
Supported Platforms: Dos
Authors Name: Robert Lindsay Wells, Ph.D.
Version: 3.8
Price: $15
Installed Size: 101KB


Read is a simple, small, yet, somewhat powerful text viewer that is very similar to the Dos Editor. Its features include the standard Print, Save, Save As & Quit, and the program includes a file manager like interface when opening documents.

Personally, I think that this program would be a waste of money to buy, since its a small program that does not include a Spell Check, Grammar Check, or Thesaurus. The program is to actually not much better than the Dos Editor that you already have. If you really hate the Dos Editor, then you might just consider this program.

Overall, the Read runs fast, and I found no bugs in the program. I recommend downloading the Shareware if you are in the market for a Dos based editor, but then again, who is in the market for a Dos Based editor?

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by John Guilfoil -

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