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RegRepair 2000

Type of Program: Registry Recovery
Supported Platform: Windows 95
Company Name: EasyDesk
Version: 2.4
Price: free to try/ $30
Installed size: 2.1M


Thunderheads may be brewing under those pretty clouds of Windows' system startup splash screen, every time you load Windows. Unless you look at your actual bootlogs, you might be unaware that scads of little IOS (Initiating Operating System) errors are building up -- files that fail to load -- until the day your system just locks you out. (IOS errors can come from system crashes, and installing new hardware and software.) Your all-important Registry can get so overloaded with corrupted and extraneous junk that it becomes crippling or fatal to your system's operation.

Reinstalling Windows won't always solve your problem, either, since that doesn't always fix the IOS errors. But RegRepair 2000 can fix them and more. It can diagnose, repair, delete, and even direct reinstallation of the exact entries you need in the Registry -- even in the really grim cases where you'd normally consider reformatting your drive. And friends, how well I know. After running MS's RegClean, then yet another registry cleaner, I put RegRepair 2000 to work. It found -- and fixed -- 12 DLL, DRV, and VXD entries that were misplaced, corrupted and Failed to Load, and pinpointed 4 Windows files to be reloaded from the system CD.

RegRepair 2000 not only blew my other two registry repair programs out of the water, it blew my socks off too. And listen close, those of you who get chills at the idea of messing with the Registry: no experience necessary. Well, not much, at least. If you use your system enough to generate a rat's nest of a Registry, you no doubt have the qualifications to use this logically laid-out toolkit. Detailed step-by-step instructions takes you through installation, initial program setup, and into the diagnostic routines and repair procedures. Just be armed with your Windows CD (in case it's needed), and anytime you're not sure what to do, answer "Yes." Really. It's as easy and thorough as following a flowchart. The Help file contains loads of information to aid you in interpreting your bootlog results too.

Although it's recommended that you use RegRepair 2000 BEFORE you have a corrupted Registry, thankfully it works even when you install it AFTER it's already trashed. (Why do you think I tried it? <g>) Your Registry can be kept squeaky clean if you use RegRepair 2000 at least once a month, and after hardware/software installs or Windows reinstalls. The trial version is good for 10 days of use, then you must register. RegRepair 2000 works on Windows 95, versions A, B, C, or no version letter, plus upgrades from Windows 3.1X. (RegRepair Plus, coming soon, adds additional features and will also work with these versions, plus standard Windows 98 -- that product will be reviewed separately.) Visual Basic 5.0 runtimes are required, with the VB5 files you may need available at the product's download page. Support is offered during the trial period, and to registered users. RegRepair 2000 is well worth a try. Unless you think it's fun to reformat your drive....

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation: (not including your system-specific setup)
Reviewed by Bobbie Crowell
ICQ# 9407183

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