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Remote Link Checker

Type of Program: Link Checker
Supported Platform: Win 95/NT
Company Name: OppoSite Software
Price: free
Installed size: 2.97M


Remote Link Checker is a simple little program that checks the status of HTTP links in your HTML files stored on your hard drive. Just open the program and select an HTML file -- any http://, https://, shttp:// links contained in it will be identified. Connect to the Internet, and press "Go," and the Remote Link Checker goes into action. It really cooks along, too, and checked 142 HTTP links in my file to give tell me how many were OK, bad, or questionable -- in exactly 90 seconds, over a 24K connection. In case there's no room for the screen shot of my session, the links are displayed with easy-to-decipher icons, and I found the whole link-checking process was a piece of cake.

This tool doesn't do anything but check remote HTTP links, doesn't pretend to, yet there are many neat things about it that make it very nice -- and very FAST -- to use. Any duplicate links are only checked once. It will check links in parallel (multiple threads), rather than one-by-one, and you can re-check selected links rather than being stuck re-launching the whole list. You can limit the number of connections to a single host to reduce false errors. And if you want to hang on to the results, you can export your reports to file or clipboard. The report will not be super detailed, but c'mon, this is a quick tool for quick jobs. Give it some heavy-duty reporting power, and we're talking shareware. This little gem is freeeeeee.

Remote Link Checker is a great companion tool to the HTML PowerTools suite (that product is also reviewed here), and in fact I found out about it from Talicom. It can help finish off the link-checking process you undertake with HTML PowerTools. Anyway, it's free, and really hums along on checking your remote links. It's a keeper. Try it out yourself. There's no registration or questionnaire, and I'm not sure about support, but I've found that OppoSite and Talicom are great at responding quickly to email queries. Check in at the web site, too, for updates to product information.

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Reviewed by Bobbie Crowell
ICQ # 9407183

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