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Type of Program: Background Tiler
Supported Platforms: Windows 95/NT
Company Name: Sausage Software
Version: 1.2
Price: free (must register to unlock)
Installed size: 1.5M


Run ve-e-e-ery fast, don't walk, to get this fantastic free background-maker from Sausage Software. With Reptile, the repeated tiler, you're only limited by your imagination to design amazing desktop wallpaper or backgrounds for you web pages. It takes no design skill or artistic ability whatsoever. In fact, Reptile is so entertaining you may find yourself tinkering for hours.

Special effects and over 130 preset pattern designs are packaged into Reptile -- but this is just the beginning. Resident controls allow you to animate, generate permutations of each pattern, change colors, image effects, and more. It's possible to create anything, from subtle watermark-type designs, to pulsating images that shimmer and ooze. Go for gorgeous or gross. There's no limit to the possibilities, just experiment, and no matter what happens, the product always looks masterful.

The user interface is a three tabbed viewer, with a Texture tab (where you select and generate patterns, colors, and animation options), a Gradient tab (where you can design more conservative solid backgrounds, with vertical left-hand borders), and the Text tab (which lets you test the visibility of your selected HTML text colors against each background you've made). Everything you make can be previewed full-size, either within Reptile or through your browser.

Reptile is free, but you must first get a registration key from Sausage to unlock it. It installs easily, runs great, and is pure joy to fiddle with. So if you're willing to complete a two-question key request, Reptile is yours to keep. Since it's freeware, I'm not sure what support you can expect for this product, but I'm not sure it's likely to cause you any troubles. But if needed, you can always email the Help desk at Sausage, since they respond to all queries from registered users.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation: (need to get key to open)
Support: (not known -- email questions to )
Reviewed by Bobbie Crowell
ICQ # 9407183

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