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Type of Program: HTML editor
Supported Platform: Windows 95
Company Name: Designs Unlimited
Version: 1.2
Price: free
Installed size: 1M (1.51M with optional Help folder)


SiteAid is an HTML editor that's cleverly laid out for fast and easy web-page creation. Along with a menu bar and toolbar for the basic functions, all commonly used page-making functions are neatly organized in an index-tabbed interface. Behind each of the 6 tabs lies another toolbar for its set of HTML controls, for General functions (such as text formatting, link insertion, tag, and body editors), Fonts, Tables, Frames, Lists, and Misc (includes meta, sounds, javaScript, applet, and object insertion functions). There are built-in editors for colors, email, comments, and lists, plus various "QuickStart" functions which speed up insertion of images, links, and more. Wizards are included too, to make frame and table layout go quickly. And the Quick Image function allows you to preview thumbnails before inserting. And anything not represented by a button can be accessed by pulling down the tag/attribute list.

SiteAid's work area is also convenience-minded, with the viewing area triple-tabbed, so you can toggle amongst your Edit, Browse, and Help windows. This is a nice way to go, since you don't lose viewing area as you would with a split-screen approach. The Browse window is enabled if you have Internet Explorer version 3 or higher installed. If not, you can link your external browser and use the Browser button to preview a page -- saves aren't necessary before you preview. Accessing the Help window will connect you to SiteAid's Online Help or, if you choose to download the Help files, you can access Help locally. (The Help folder is under 700K, so I think it's more convenient to download. Just place the unzipped Help folder in the SiteAid folder. You also need IE 3+ installed for Help window function. ) Another practical viewing feature is the vertical file-list window to the left-hand side, to display contents of the folder you're working in. It can be hidden too, if you'd rather use more workspace.

In the vast field of Notepad replacers and HTML editors, this is one of the nicer freeware editors you're likely to find. But I think it's more geared for web-authoring, since there are notepad replacers that contain more convenience factors for programming and working system files. But for HTML coding, SiteAid is well-thought out, intuitive, and suitable for the weekend web warrior as well as hardcore types. It's well supported too, as the authors keep lots of information and bug reports, plus Online Help, posted at the web site. They encourage your comments and reports, and at some time in the future, it's intended for SiteAid to become shareware. It's well worth looking over now.

User Friendly:
Cost: (free)
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Bobbie Crowell
ICQ # 9407183

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