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CPIC Multimedia & Graphics Viewer/Manager

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Type of Program: Graphics Viewer
Supported Platforms: Windows, Windows 95/NT and Mac
Company Name: Photodex Corporation
Version: 1.80
Price: PC $39.95 MAC $39.95
Installed Size: 2.50MB


CPIC is as close as a perfect image viewer as they come! The program features POWERFUL zooming way over 500%, panning, thumbnails, cataloging, file format conversion, slide show creation, screen saver and wallpaper creation, image editing, and it prints, captures, and scans, all in one program!! It also supports 24 popular image formats, and plays videos and sounds. CPIC is compatible with Windows, Windows 95, and Mac, system 7.0.1 or better.

The program runs very well, but is a tiny bit slower than its competitor, ACDSee. However, CPIC allows GIF animation, that is better and smoother than ACDSee, and it views image formats that ACDSee can not. Overall, CPIC (CompuPic) is a fast, easy to use, and very powerful image and multimedia viewer and manager. It reminds me of a combination of PixFolio and ACDSee, with added power and quality. I strongly recommend this program, and even I now use CPIC as my personal Graphics Viewer and Manager.    

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by John Guilfoil -

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