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Folder Size Shell Extension

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Type of Program: Property-Page Enhancement
Supported Platform: Win 95
Company/Author: Space Dolphin/ Laurent Berger
Version: 2.20
Price: free
Installed size: 181K


Despite all those fancy file management tools out there, sometimes you just want to do what's easiest to get simple size information about a folder's contents. Folder Size is a neat little freeware shell extension that adds a "Folder Size" tab to your Properties dialog windows.

It's accessed via the right-click context menu whenever you click on a folder or drive in Windows explorer (or the file manager you're using),. Then click on the Folder Size tab, and voila! You get a new explorer-style tree display of the all subfolders, plus the sizes are displayed for each one. You just can't get this information about folders, even from your super-charged file managers (yes, I tested a few too), without having to right-click each subfolder like a row of dominoes.

The Folder Size extension really is a time saver -- if you have a folder with, say, 10 subfolders, this little shell app will save you 18 mouse clicks right there. If you root around in your directories as often as I do, by the end of the day, maybe you're eliminating hundreds of extraneous clicks. The mouse should be a mouse -- not a castanet!

The Folder Size window displays file count within a folder, number of subfolders, subfolder sizes, and the total size of all folder contents. When used at the root level (i.e. selecting the drive), it's useful for determining space allocation on the entire hard disk.

So if you're partial to having stuff work out of your right-click context menu, you'll fall for this quick clicker. It's free, has an tidy installer and uninstalls out of Add/Remove Programs. And the benefit of a context menu add-on is that it never gets in your way when you're not using it. This version supports English and French, plus allows the program to auto-select language depending on user location. Also, Folder Size works with real folders, not virtual ones, like Control Panel, My Computer, etc. The author accepts comments and bug reports at the product web site and by email.

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Reviewed by Bobbie Crowell
ICQ # 9407183

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