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Type of Program: Wicked Little Prank
Supported Platform: Windows 3.X/95
Author's Name: Sean Stallings
Version: none given
Price: free -- or is it heavy price?
Installed size: 21K


Tis better to give than to receive.... Yeah, tell yourself that as you attach a copy of Heart Attack to your next email to Cousin Snarky.

Ha ha. You'll wish you could be there when his eyes roll back into his head. Of course, that's what happened to you the first time you clicked on this thing.

Yep, one click, and you were mumbling, "Holy sheeeeii..."

Heart Attack is a good name for it, but no, what you see is not really what you get. Even if Cousin Snarky thinks you deserve it. This wicked-looking prank does nothing to your computer, but plenty to your pulse rate, at least for a few seconds. Just click on the little EXE at that's at there is to it. It may seem like plenty. And the minute you know you've survived, you'll be itching to send to Heart Attack along to all your future former friends.

Momentary Entertainment Value:
User Friendly: <secret>
Cost: (free)
Ease of Installation: none involved
Support: none -- get a chair
Reviewed by Bobbie Crowell
ICQ # 9407183

Note: Windows 95 users, check to see if you still have vbrun300.dll installed, you'll need it.

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