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Type of Program: Multimedia Player
Supported Platform: Windows 95/NT
Company/Author: WoLo Soft/ Wolfgang Loch
Version: 3.4
Price: free
Installed size: 1.5M


Juke of one of the most versatile multimedia players you're likely to find, and it's free! Juke can handle all your sound, music, and video files, and also including music CDs. Mixed media playlists are simple to create by dragging and dropping from your file manager or Windows explorer directly into the Juke player window.

Juke plays all these formats: MODs (669, mod, nst, s3m, stm, xm), Sounds (wav), MIDI (mid, rmi), MPEG (mp2, mp3), Video for Windows (avi), and Active Movie (aif, aifc, aiff, au, dat, enc, m1v, mov. mp2, mpa, mpe, mpeg, mpg, qt, and snd). Oh, yes, you can play any music CDs too.

Its user interface is well-laid out, making Juke not only attractive but very nice to use. To play a file, just press the button with the green triangle. The rest is pretty self-explanatory, but if you're a real audiophile, go to the product website for tips and tricks to tune up the program and get more ideas for playlist creation and more.

Juke automatically save and restores your settings, has a user-defined Tools menu, automatically loads AWE32 SoundFonts (SBK or SF2), and more neat features you should try out for yourself. While this is freeware, there is a lot of support information at the product website, and the author invites comments and bug reports too (at ). Also, if you're using Internet Explorer 4+ or Netscape Communicator 4+, you can subscribe to the WoLoSoft Update Channel for ongoing product news and announcements.

User Friendly:
Cost: (free)
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Bobbie Crowell
ICQ # 9407183

Note : Users of Windows NT should download the UNICODE edition, from the same web location at the Windows 95 edition.

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