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Type of Program: Newsgroup Search Monitor
Supported Platform: Windows 95/NT
Company Name: TechSmith Corp.
Version: 1.5.1
Price: free to try/ $39
Installed size: 1.34M


With thousands of newsgroups and hundreds of thousands of new postings each day, the USENET news service is a gold mine of timely information --if you can only find what you're looking for. And before it disappears --because of the volume, articles often live only a matter of days before they're removed. You can't possibly subscribe of every group (or know exactly where to look in all cases). And doing extensive manual searches is very time consuming.

NewsMonger can provide regular, automatic scans to the far corners of USENET, grabbing every relevant news item important to your business, product, or special interest. Highly customized search filters help ensure you separate the wheat from the chaff, so what's delivered to your desktop is an organized listing of useful postings from across USENET that you may have otherwise missed. (You can also choose email notification of search results.)

This is a simple tool to use, but comes with a wizard-based setup of search topics to ensure you're directing NewsMonger effectively. Once your topic(s) are specified by keywords and filters to narrow down returns, NewsMonger literally does the rest. You can invoke searches manually, or configure NewsMonger to work in the background for automated searching to you chosen time schedule. Conduct multiple searches hourly, daily, weekly, monthly -- without lifting a finger.

NewsMonger uses the powerful AltaVista engine, and all news items returned are sorted by topic category, so you can sensibly manage whatever mountain (or molehill) of data it fetches. It's an ideal way to find out who's talking about your product or company, and where. Or what folks are saying about your competitors. It's also a useful sleuth to find out where potential customers might be, what responses you need to make to postings (whether they're yours or not) -- and even if there are flamers out there forging your name to bogus postings.

NewsMonger removes duplicate postings, adds new ones, and allows you to post or reply using NewsMonger, your browser, or email client. It reschedules any queries that were interrupted, and keeps an events-history log for on-line help or troubleshooting if needed.

I like NewsMonger's straightforward style, its operating speed and flexibility, its browser layout, and how effortless news management becomes when you use it. Instant access on USENET to the Right Stuff is no mean feat. See for yourself. NewsMonger's fully-functional 45-day trial gives you plenty of time to scour the depth and breath of USENET. Register to keep it running, get rid of the nag screen, and be eligible for user support.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Bobbie Crowell
ICQ # 9407183

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