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Notify CD

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Type of Program: CD Player
Supported Platform: Windows 95/98/NT4
Author's Name: Mats Ljungquvist
Version: 1.51.3
Price: free
Installed size: 122K


Not all CD players are created equal! You don't have to settle for merely listening to the anonymous tracks of your music CDs -- Notify CD is a completely cool freeware CD player that's better than most ANYthing you can buy. When you're playing CDs while online, Notify CD will hook you up with the Internet CD Database (CDDB) to automatically fill in your whole playlist -- titles, tracknames, and more! No more typing in stuff, or having to grab your CD's jewel case to find out the name of tracks. Instant playlists! And notify CD saves your data, can generate "album" reports, and tracks other CD information for you too.

Notify CD works out of the system tray, which is exactly where I want to access the CD player when I'm surfing the net to the sound of music. The tray icon tells you play status, and by quick-clicking the icon you can change playback functions without having to bring up the player window. Then just right-click the icon, and the context menu shows you the depth of functionality this clever little player has.

If you want to manage CD title and track information, or just know what the heck you're hearing when it's playing, Notify CD is highly configurable in collecting/displaying all the CD's data you wish to know about. It includes all the standard playback and playlist-creation features you'd expect. Plus it supports multiple CD players and is compatible with Windows' CDPLAYER.INI as local database -- in addition to database information Notify CD retrieves from the CDDB server. Its CD database also has Export/Import functions.

Why pay for a dumb CD player when you can have this smart one for free? Go get it! Even though it's freeware, Notify CD is well supported from the product web site. You can also get more information on Internet CD music resources by going to the Internet CD Database website directly, at

User Friendly:
Cost: (free)
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Bobbie Crowell
ICQ # 9407183

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