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Split File Shell Extension

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Type of Program: File Splitter/Merger
Supported Platform: Windows 95/NT4+/UNIX
Company/Author: Space Dolphin/ Laurent Berger
Version: 2.1b
Price: free
Installed size: 396K


Here's a convenient way to split up those big files for storage or distribution -- just by using your right-click context menu. Split Files Shell Extension lets you quickly divide up each file you want to send to floppies or another drive, without leaving Windows explorer (or whatever file manager you're using). It adds a "Split" item to the context menu -- just click it to bring up the file-splitting functions.

File splitting options include eight predefined file sizes, to handle the various density 3.5-inch, 5.25-inch floppies, and DMF cluster sizes. There's also a custom setting that lets you choose the file size or the number of files to subdivide the parent file into.

A merge facility allows you to quickly and easily rejoin split files. There's even an optional auto-merge function -- you can split the file into an EXE (i.e., the first split file in the series will be an EXE) , and by clicking on this EXE, the split file rejoins. I found it worked like a charm.

There are many simple freeware file splitters around, but this one is really pretty neat since it's always waiting there in the context menu when you need it, and thus doesn't need to take up a slot on the Programs menu or Desktop (I get a lot of clutter, so the more apps I can tuck into the context menu, the better.) This version is available in English, French, German, and has an auto-select option to designate language according to your location. It has a nice installer and can be uninstalled via Add/Remove Programs. The author invites comments and bug reports, either via visiting the product web site or email (see below).

User Friendly:
Cost: (free)
Ease of Installation:
Support: (not know -- email author at
Reviewed by Bobbie Crowell
ICQ # 9407183

Note: the UNIX version can be downloaded from the same location as above.

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