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Under Construction 98

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Type of Program: Webpage Tools, Advanced HTML Editor
Supported Platforms: Windows 95/98/NT
Company Name: Global Planet
Version: 2.9
Price: free to try/ $39.95
Installed size: 5.9M


Under Construction 98, a powerful advanced HTML authoring program that first hit the market last year -- now runs about twice as fast in its latest version, and includes HTML 4.0 and DHTML support plus many more improvements. UC 98 has the professional look, feel, and popular features of its higher-priced counterparts, but doesn't take a big bite out of your drive space or your pocketbook. It's very well-organized and set up to make newcomers feel welcome, while giving expert users a fast-loading, workmanlike environment for serious web authoring.

I'm always impressed with a program that's more organized than I am, and Under Construction 98 opens up with its Task Manager, from which you start a new project or quickly locate work you've already saved. New pages can be created from scratch, or select one the many supplied templates for a jump start. And, beginners can choose an HTML or program tutorial. This version includes a new, more detailed Help file, plus Java tutorial.

Its colorful user interface is tightly laid out with the ergonomic efficiency -- workspace, preview panel, toolbar banks, feature-set tabs are all neatly stowed where you intuitively find what you want without really thinking about it. And toolbars have drag and dock convenience. Under Construction 98 carries no excess baggage, and this version (despite all the extra goodies it offers) takes up even less drive space than its predecessor.

Under Construction 98 features an integrated preview window, a Web Page Assistant for on-the-fly HTML tutorial and editing helps, document conversion , image thumbnail viewing, tag highlighting and hints, built-in FTP support, wizards for creating tables, inserting images, multimedia, objects, and more.

Included are a Stylesheet Maker, Animated GIF Maker, Web Page Wizard, --and over 70 JavaScript wizards, 20 Java applets, and 200 animated GIFs. You can use over 80 JavaScripts, available from the product web site, making it simple to add page functions such as tickertapes, form-checking, and password protection. Under Construction also comes with a complete reference guide for HTML, JavaScript and Cascading Style Sheets.

Under Construction is an excellent web authoring toolset at a most excellent price. You can try it free for 30 days, but JavaScript functions won't be available until you register. A huge ClipArt Collection (about 6M worth, good stuff, too!) of over 700 images is also available to registered users. Under Construction 98 is very well supported, with both product information and web resource material available at the web site.

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Reviewed by Bobbie Crowell
ICQ # 9407183

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