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Ws FTP 95 LE

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Type of Program: FTP Client
Supported Platforms: Windows
Company Name: Ipswitch, Inc
Version: 4.60
Price: Free (if you qualify)
Installed Size: 1.02MB


Ws FTP 95 LE is a very powerful yet easy to use FTP client that is capable of uploading and downloading to an FTP site. It features an easy interface, and easy, fast connections to FTP sites. Its transfer speed is unmatched, and it beats almost all competitors in speed and quality.

In order to qualify to use the LE version of Ws FTP 95 (the free one) you have to answer questions that are in the installation program. Answer them right, and you get to use the program, wrong, and well, you loose, and you can't use the program, and there's no lovely parting gifts for you. Sorry, I can't give you the answers, that's cheating!

I recommend this one, especially if you have a Geocities home page, and you're sick of that dumb file manager. Ws FTP 95 LE offers you a easy and powerful FTP Server that is likely to please you.

User Friendly
Cost Free
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by John Guilfoil -

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