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Type of Program:Scan file and retrieve utility
Supported Platforms:Win 95/98
Company Name:Personomics Inc.
Installed Size:17 Mb


The installation of HomeVault is easy, intuitive and flawless. It tries to install to C;\Program Files\homevault. I let it install there. It does give you the opportunity to browse to anyplace else for the install.

This program is meant for the home user, though there is no reason that it could not be used by an office. The reason I say it is meant for the home user is that it comes with an sample file system meant for the home. It has sample rooms, kitchen, living room, study etc. The point being that in each room there are different documents that pertain to that room, that by organizing them by room makes sense. Let me explain further, in the kitchen you then file all of your scanned documents relating to kitchen appliances. In the living room you store all of the guarantees, and receipts for your living room furniture.

Besides being able to just scan things in you are able to add your own personal information about each article. This image should give you the picture.

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Of course you are able to make up your own requirements for information for your particular items and situation.

All in all I find this to be a superior product that can make a whole bunch of sense for anyone. One thing I want to point out is that the Help file and sample folders really are top notch. The price is right to especially when you compare it PaperMaster which goes for around $85.

This is a fully featured shareware program that gives you 30 days to try it out. Hey give it a whirl, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Jerry Goldstein

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