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Doom II Assault4
Mine shaft

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Type of Program: Game levels
Supported Platforms: Dos/Windows REQUIRES DOOM 2
Company/Authors Name: Winter Wolf Knights (Ernie Noa & Bruce Rogers)
Version: 4 Price: free
Installed Size: 5MB


Assault4: Mine shaft is a three level collection for Doom II. The set features MANY new graphics, new sounds for your weapons and the bad guys, new textures, and a new flying imp monster. Its easy to install, and its takes three easy sets that you will find in the read me file of the collection.

The Levels take place in an underground mine tunnel like system of mazes with bad guys around EVERY corner. Hence the Name, Mine shaft. There are 5 difficulty levels, so don't get too scared though. I recommend it to all Doom fans, this is a very nice collection and will keep you busy for a while with three complex levels.

User Friendly
Cost free
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by John Guilfoil -

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