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Police Quest Swat 2

Type of Program: PC Game
Supported Platforms: Windows 95
Cojmpany Name: Sierra
Version: demo
Price: Bought with PC Gamer Magazine (September)
Installed Size: 44MBs


This demo is another one of the better games I have ever played. This demo is very unique, because you play one level, but every time you play it, it's different. The hostages might be in a different room and so may be the gunman.

In this demo, you must try to free the hostages, and kill the robbers, that are robbing the bank. You run in different rooms in the bank and make sure they are secure before you move. The robbers may also set booby traps so be careful.

User Friendly
Cost of magazine: Canadian(8.99+ tax) U.S (7.99)
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Neil Ryan

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