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Quintessential CD

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Type of Program: Media Player
Supported Platforms: Win95
Author's Name: Paul Quinn (graphics by Matt Quinn)
Version: 1.1
Price: $10 US
Installed Size: 379 Kb


They say the best pleasures in life are also the simplest. Quintessential CD (QCD) is one of the great pleasures. It doesn't play MPEG, WAV, AIFF, or RA files. It doesn't rip CD's or edit sounds. And it doesn't hog your system resources.

QCD is a CD player... that's all. (where's the fanfare?) It plays every last one of my CD's - no need to worry if it's a compatible format. My hard drive is so much more spacious with 4 Mb MPEG (or 35 Mb Wav's!) off it. It does the typical things you would expect your home CD player to do: shuffle, repeat, skip tracks, etc.It also lets you log into CDDB (Compact Disc Database)servers which will add to your own personal database of CD's (if it can find the title - and it usually does). And quite honestly, this is one of the most beautiful interfaces I've seen in a long time. (Matt Quinn did a great job! Beautiful website too.)

This is a beautiful program that sits quietly in the background doing the one thing it was made to do (and it does it to perfection) - play audio CD's.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by J.S.Neumann

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