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Time & Chaos 32

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Type of Program: PIM / Calendar
Supported Platforms: Windows 95, 98 NT
Company Name: Isbister International
Version: 5.3.4
Price: $45.00 (new license) $20.00 (upgrade)
Installed Size: 3.5 MB


If you are looking for an easy to use but powerful solution for managing your schedule, contacts, appointments etc. look no further. Time and Chaos by Isbister International is the one to get. The program's best feature is it's unique interface which presents your calendar, address book, appointments and to do list all on one page ! This as almost all aspects of the program is customiseable by the user to display only what you want to see. The program is MAPI compliant so that you can dial phone numbers simply by clicking on them. It will also start your default email program when you click on an email address or your favorite web browser when you click a URL. Notes can be attached to each entry and the program will interact with MS Word or Wordperfect as your default word processor. All entries are searchable and recurring items are easily scheduled. The program fully supports drag and drop. Have an appointment with John Doe on December 4? Simply drag John Doe from your address book right on to December 4 on your calendar and specify the appointment time and the appointment is scheduled. The program will back up your data files to keep them safe. And interestingly enough the program is licensed to the user and not the machine. So you can load it up at home, at work and on the laptop yet purchase only one license. Tech support via email or phone is prompt and knowledgeable. The install and uninstall routines ran flawlessly. This one should be on every desktop for sure. Full 21 day trial software can be downloaded. A version is also available for Windows 3.x.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by J. Worley

The program can be ordered directly from the Isbister website via secure server with a credit card. There is also a phone number provided for those squeamish about internet shopping.

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