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Home Vault Document Management System

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Type of Program: Document Management
Supported Platforms: Win95/98
Company Name: Personomics Inc.
Version: 1.00
Price: $39.95
Installed Size: 16Meg


For those who have to be organized, have all your receipts, warranties, phone bills, etc. all in one place with easy access, this program is for you. Scan your document, or picture of a precious antique, a rare stamp and it will be forever at your finger tips. The program keeps track of things in each room of your house. When you start the program (after you set up your house) you have a file for each room IE kitchen, bedroom. Buy something new for the kitchen, scan the receipt, the warranty information fill in the blanks on the form that is presented on the screen, plus any bits of info you want to add and there in a neat package a permanent record of the item just purchased.

A sample house is set up to give you the general idea of how this program works.

The program is easy to follow and in a very few minutes you are ready to catalog all your belongings, plus utility bills or whatever else you want to file.

You can also Print, FAX, email or export your filed documents. If you have to send a copy of a receipt or warranty, you have everything easily accessible. A backup function is also included.

The Home Page has a list of scanners that are compatible with this program, the scanner I used was not listed (Acer 310S) but had no trouble scanning into the program. If I were going to use this program, I would be scanning text documents through an OCR program and importing them to save hard disk space.

An excellent program to keep everything in order. Check it out well worth the time.

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Reviewed by Elizabeth Taylor

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