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Type of Program: HTML Reference
Supported Platform: Windows 95/98/NT
Authors Name: Richard Harvey
Version: 3.0
Price: free to try/$8
Installed size: 550K


Most folks will agree, that the nastiest thing about HTML is wading through thick manuals for a simple code lookup. Well, there are lots of comprehensive HTML references online that make it easier, and at a detail level suitable for webmaster-types. HTMLcat is accurate, colorful, unbelievably simple to navigate through -- perfect for beginning-to-intermediate coders who need overview as well as detail. But its "cheat-sheet" conciseness and hyperlink referencing to both internal and external information links make this a speedy guide for experienced users who just want to check something out, and fast.

HTMLcat includes the usual reference of HTML tags, plus a tutorial about writing Internet documents, which is ideal for designers and writers, not just programmers. This is set up with several ways to browse -- you can go through sequentially, textbook style; topically, according to the HTML area you're working on; use hyperlinks for step up or step down in your level of detail; search for key words or ideas; and more.

The well-organized interface provides icons with pop-up lists of related topics, plus over 2,400 graphics and illustrations, loads of topic links, cross-references, and 7,000+ links to guide you between topics.

On the HTML front, you find 126 common and uncommon HTML tags and 132 style attributes well documented. All code information is carefully annotated with browser-compatibility tips, which tags to use (and which to avoid), and how to maximize your coding efforts to yield the most effective (and best looking) web documents.

In the registered version, you'll also get detailed tutorials about writing HTML documents, graphics, fonts, style sheets -- plus boilerplate code you can snitch for your own projects. Also in the registered version are complete color swatches--with color names and color values, high-resolution, high-quality vector drawing illustrations, sample documents and cascading style sheets.

The overall organization and efficiency of HTMLcat's material results in a surprisingly small program that's a whole lot of fun to snoop through --even if you "know all the answers." We can never have a shortage of ideas, and HTMLcat endeavors to get you to thinking about overall design rather than merely the HTML pieceparts.

Currently HTMLcat's focus is up to and including HTML 3.2; there's reference to HTML 4.0 recommendations, but the upcoming HTMLcat 4.0 will document the actual rather than theoretical implementations. The downloadable file is an evaluation; registration and purchase is done by mail, and upon receipt of payment, you will be given to option to receive the full program on floppy disk, or to download as specified by the author. Ordering and registration details are included in the HTMLcat program itself, and at the author's web site. For more information you may contact the author at: R. E. Harvey, P. O. Box 5695, Glendale, AZ 85312 USA E-mail:

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Reviewed by: Bobbie Crowell
ICQ # 9407183

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