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Hutmil 98

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Type of Program: Group File Editing
Supported Platforms: Windows 95/98/NT
Author's Name: Peter Jukel
Version: 2.2
Price: free to try/$30
Installed size: 1.6M


Anyone who's ever set foot in an office might agree, the term "global change" takes on a whole new level of fear & loathing when you've been "Dilbert-ed." The boss blows into your cozy cube and says, "We've reorganized again. We're no longer ABC Company, Inc. Now we're ABC Company Inc. No comma. Change that. Everywhere. Now." And sometimes it's even more inane, but just as pervasive.

Small wonders are what you need, and at least where your web site's concerned, Hutmil 98 can help you sweat much smaller bullets -- especially if you're under the gun, and you're not entirely sure WHERE the changes need to be plugged in to your affected HTML and ASP files. Hutmil 98 offers an elegant solution to taking the global pain out of global changes.

Hutmil 98 is an ingenious HTML group-file manager that, all within the program, lets you quickly locate and gather any number of HTML and/or ASP files into a work "queue"; provides resident HTML editing for quick entry of revised text, links, or code; automatically enters and manages your global changes across the queue, giving you precision control as to where and how insertions are made; and contains an FTP client for in-program upload and download, with drag-n-drop or double-click speed.

If you've used a previous version of Hutmil 98, there have been big changes, everything on your wish-list -- the FTP client (new) and HTML editor can be used on a stand-alone basis, and within the program, you may also opt to associate your own editor or FTP client (if it provides drag-n-drop capability). Version 2.2 now comes with an Active Toolbar Creator, a really cool and fast program for making "mouseover" effects for your web page(s), and there's a File Selection Wizard that searches your hard disk for file(s) matching your criteria, and automatically adds them to the active queue. A new Directive Manager offers a replace function for code changes, which is a godsend for changing embedded stylesheets and navigation bars. META tag support is improved too -- now you can add or change any META tag you want. You can also remove all occurrences of any tag (with or without attributes) with the new Remove Tag feature.

This version's Explorer-flavored user interface is much more stark, at first glance, than the sexy look of version 1.0, but I found it faster to work in. Now down to three panes in version 2.2 (the fixed Editor window is gone), you just right click on a file & select View Source to open the HTML editor. Your drive directories and files display in the lefthand panes, and the main Queue window displays all files selected for editing. The editing facilities include an HTML-savvy spell checker and default-browser preview capability, tag colors, plus improved Find -and-Replace functions. And the really cool thing about edits done via the Directive Manager, is that you assign the change-information a "key" -- so if you need to undo the change later, you can easily find/remove the whole chunk by locating its key.

This program is refreshingly unfrilly, workmanlike, and intuitive. If you're often faced with nagging and time-critical site-wide revisions to scattered HTML and ASP pages (even if you don't have a pointy-haired boss), Hutmil 98 ties together the life-saving essentials. No sweat. It's free to try for 10 days with a nag , after which you must register to keep it running and get support. There's a good help file, and lots of useful information at the product web site. Online purchase can be done via the product web site or you can go directly to To purchase by mail, a postal order or equivalent for $30 can be sent to: Peter Jukel, Baerenwinkel 24, 38444 Wolfsburg, Germany. (Be sure to include your name, full mailing address, and email.)

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Reviewed by Bobbie Crowell
ICQ # 9407183

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