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Kid Pix Studio

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Type of Program: Graphics/Drawing
Supported Platforms: Windows
Company Name: Broderbund
Version: 1.0
Price: 25.95
Installed Size: 4-16MB


Kid Pix is an excellent, very user friendly, child oriented graphics program. The studio let's a kid's imagination run wild with animation, sound, and even slide show movies! Kid Pix allows the user to color, paint, draw, write essays, make collages, watch animated pictures with sound, create animated stories with sound, make school presentations, and even play with puppets!

In the paint studio you can use stamps with all kinds of pictures, fun paint brushes, cool effects, funny letters, and much more. The entire program let's you make your imagination come to life with the Kid Pix paint studio, Wacky TV, Slide shows, Stampimators, Digital Puppets, and even things called Moopies!

I recommend this software because it is the perfect paint, draw, and imagination tool for kids of all ages.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by John Guilfoil -

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