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PC - Recipe Box

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Type of Program: Recipe Database / Meal Planner
Supported Platforms: Win 3x/95
Company Name: SIVART Software
Version: 3.56
Price: $19.85
Installed Size: Varies with amount of recipes in data base


PC-RecipeBox offers an easy way to manage your recipes. Features include a spell checker with a 120,000- word customizable dictionary, nutritional analyzer, flexible search criteria on any field, resizable windows, print previewer with customizable printouts, RichText Format output for input into your favorite word processor, support for pictures and sound, Metric or US customary measurement systems and the ability to recalculate ingredients for any number of servings. In addition there is a built in calendar for meal planning, an "easy entry" form where you can simply click on the ingredients for your recipes instead of having to re-key them, and you can automatically add ingredients to your shopping list (and sort it into aisle order). You can scan through your cookbooks in one of three automatically maintained orders and instantly locate a recipe by keying in a "jump string" or using the browse tabs.

The above paragraph was taken almost word for word off the software author's page I couldn't have said it any better. This is a excellent recipe program, simple to use. Imports Meal master formatted recipes with no problem other formats are also supported, but didn't try them. The delete duplicate recipe function is great. Some recipe programs I have run across view a duplicate recipe as one with the same name, this program checks the ingredients and then if identical removes it. You don't have to mark ones for deletion and then rebuild. You can take out one recipe at a time, use the check for duplicate function, or mark for deletion, you have a choice. If you take advantage of all the Meal master recipes on the net, you really need to check for duplicates. If you download any of the 1,000's of mm recipes out there, you usually find duplicates.

The nutrition analysis of the recipes is another great feature. With all the emphasis on fat, calorie and fiber intake to-day you can with just a click of the finger have it calculated instantly.

A wave file or BMP file can be added to your recipe. This is an option I could take or leave but I can see it being a fun thing if someone else was going through your recipes.

PC-Recipe Box has a lot going for it, meal planning, shopping list, great index tab enabling you to go right to your favorite recipe. If you are a recipe collector, it is a program you have to have.

Free upgrades for registered users. Thirty day evaluation period given.

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Reviewed by Elizabeth Taylor

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