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Screen Rip32


Type of Program: Screen Capture
Supported Platform: Windows 95/98/NT
Author's Name: T. Elaraj, Progency Software
Version: 1.0 beta
Price: free
Installed size: 508K


Even as a beta, Screen Rip32 is a really likeable freeware screen capture utility. It does the usual full-screen, window, and active window captures, but does the client- and selective-area captures more simply (and reliably) than some other capture programs I've used. Nope, there's no provision for scrolling images or animated GIFs yet, but geez, this is a beta, and it has a few other things that are kinda neat. Such as: Not only can you capture with cursor, but you can add a cursor to a capture later (any CUR or ANI file you want). The "custom area" capture facility makes it easy to grab icons or small, pixel-sized areas.

Screen Rip32 supports these different image formats: ICO, BMP, JPG, and GIF. You can convert or capture images as different color depths, including monochrome. The toolbar layout is simple, and there are hotkey and other user-options I hadn't expected. This is just a great little app for quick capture work. Just unzip and click, there's no real install/uninstall required.

What Screen Rip32 is missing in bells & whistles, it's also missing in bulk -- compare its 508K size with the 3.1M of one of my high-falutin' capture programs. So, if disk space is your concern, Screen Rip32 is worth a look. The price sure is right. Meanwhile, the author is working on a standard version, and iterations in between, so expect this program to evolve. I don't know what kind of support there is, but comments and bug reports can be sent to the author at

User Friendly:
Cost: free
Ease of Installation:
Support: unknown
Reviewed by Bobbie Crowell
ICQ # 9407183

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