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System Cleaner

Type of Program: Utilities
Supported Platforms: Windows 95/NT
Company/Authors Name: InforTech, Inc. - Steve Martins
Version: 4.5
Price: $24.95
Installed Size: 1.1 Meg


Pros: Found a variety of tmp files and was able to clean them. Allows you to choose whether to send to Recycle Bin, delete them right away or zip them for later consideration. Shows listing of each file that it finds in scan and how much room the total files are taking up. Comes with Scheduler so you can run it any time and not take up your valuable time and energy. Allows you to clean entire cache directories in a single shot. Also includes utilities for deleting names off the Add/Remove Programs, tells you FAT file info and a few other nifty items.

Cons: Almost nonexistent help, scan for duplicate files found files that were not duplicates but listed them as if they were. Can't add files to skip in temporary section.

Running any kind of "system cleaner" is tricky at best and at worst can be a nightmare.
They can remove necessary files and really screw up your system, a good cleaner needs to be able to recognize these and protect you from this type of disaster. System Cleaner does a good of listing these files and if you try and delete them it tells you that you are not able to do so. It also performs a directory cleaning of your cache files from temporary setups and Internet browsing to which you can add more directories to and even schedule when they should be cleaned. Another nice feature is that besides listing the files that are temporary, duplicate or cache it gives you the amount of room the files are currently taking up on your hard drive. I was able to remove almost 4 meg worth of temporary and cache files and 18 meg of duplicate files that I had.

The downside to this program is that the help section doesn't tell you any information that is not already painfully obvious. The options allow you to pick the types of files but doesn't tell you what those types are from, nor does it let you add others it might miss. I had that problem with legitimate files in a directory that began with a ~ and ended with a different extension than tmp which the cleaner wanted to erase. It would have been nice to be able to ask the cleaner to skip these types of files *I had to check my list carefully to make sure it wasn't deleting any files I wanted to keep which took more time than I wanted to spend and didn't leave me the option of scheduling it since I couldn't trust it* The next problem I ran into was the duplicate files, the cleaner found them all right, except it connected some files that weren't duplicates but were similar and it wasn't able to tell me which one of the duplicate files I should keep therefore I didn't want to run the cleaner for that and ended up using explorer to remove the files it showed me that I knew were duplicates. Again this was a slow process but easier than having to reload all the software that it might have cleaned without telling me which one the program was using. *Most common files that are duplicates are those in the directory of the program and Win95 itself, usually one can be removed safely but it depends on the program which one* The last problem I had was that the scheduling by the minute didn't work for me though the others worked beautifully and there wouldn't be any real reason to do it by the minute.

Thus the rating of 3 1/2 Stars for performance. It lost one star for the inability to define file types to skip and lack of online help, the half star for other small annoyances that are going to bother each person differently. Overall though as far as non commercial cleaners go and even compared to some of them, this is a good product but with a warning to be careful what and how you delete files with it. I recommend that you use the zip back up for the first few times to make sure that its not accidentally deleting things you need or that you didn't realize you wanted. A very nice built in feature I might add. Online support ( allows you to email the problem you are having or requested features but has no FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) online which would be helpful. This is the type of program that power users are not going to be bothered by but those that aren't so sure of what different file types are and how they are used might wish to keep looking for something a little more user friendly.

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Reviewed by: Chuck Glover (The Utility Guru)
Payment Type Accepted: Credit Card, Check, Money Order

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