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Type of Program:Mouse Enhancement
Supported Platforms:Windows all
Company Name:Toggle Software Inc.
Price:$14.95 USD
Installed Size:1.16Mb


This fabulous program installs easily to any place you want.

I might as well start out with, if you have ever wanted any kind of program that gives your mouse or trackball more features, then this is the best of them all. Here are the features of ToggleMouse:

QuickScroll allows you to scroll without using the scroll bars.
VisiMouse makes your presentations and demonstrations easy to follow.
You-Are-Here helps you to locate the cursor quickly and easily.
Blinking makes the cursor stand out when it has been inactive for a while.
ScreenWrap is great for trackball users.
QuickPoint helps you to navigate through dialog boxes.
ActiMouse allows you to activate an application by moving the mouse over its window.
EconoClick allows you to single click in some places where you would usually have to double-click.
UniButtons helps young users to use the power.
PanicStopper helps young users to control mouse movement.
AutoMouse allows you to record a set of mouse actions and play them back later on.
PopDesk gives you quick and easy access to your desktop icons.
ClockMouse shows you the date and time.
Button Functions allow you to assign functions to unused buttons and keystrokes
Mouse Odometer keeps track of how far you have moved the mouse.
Keyboard Mouse allow you to move the cursor without using the mouse.
Wheel Enhance – Lets the mouse wheel work with many more applications.
Wheel Switch – Use the wheel to switch between applications.

The help section of this program should be used as a classroom example of what a Help file should be. It is really complete and better than that , intuitive.

The price is righr at $14.95. It also comes with a whole bunch of new cursors for your system too.

In the real tradition of shareware you get 30 days of a fully enabled program.
My suggestion is that you download this program immediately, before you forget. This one is definitely a keeper.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Joe Tex

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