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Type of Program:Utility
Supported Platforms:Windows 95/98/NT
Company Name: PEPSOFT
Installed Size:885kb


The installation is straight forward. As soon as you have the program installed and started a help screen opens that informs you about the features of the program, and how to use them.

First as it's name implies when you open this program you get two Explorer windows one on top of the other. This is how the Help file explains the program:

As the use of TWinExplorer is basically the same as Windows Explorer you will feel very comfortable. There are some new buttons for easy access to Refresh Directory, Creation of new folder, file search, and a rename file button. Also, notice the file filter that Windows Explorer doesn t have and of course the speed dir buttons.

The use of this program as the previous paragraph implies is really simple. The only question left is whether or not it is useful. Well, if you are someone who hardly ever uses their Windows Explorer (ever wonder why they got rid of the File Manager name), then you probably will have no use for TWin Explorer. That said, if you are always in there doing this and that,then this program is a definite improvement on the Windows Explorer. Probably the feature I like the best is the speed dir buttons. With these buttons you can program in 5 buttons your favorite directories, then at touch of a button voila, they are open. A real boon. The File type filter to display only the file type selected comes in real handy too.

TWinExplorer exists in 3 versions :
- TWinExplorer (US$19.95)
- TWinExplorer PlusImage, with image viewer inside (US$24.95)
- TWinExplorer PRO, with image viewer+50 Speed Dir buttons (US$29.95)

All in all this program has some very useful features that power users will find helpful. I heartily recommend it. It sure couldn't be any easier to use and has been very well thought out. It comes as a full featured 30 day evaluation program, there is nag screen built into the top of the window reminding you of how many days left you have in your evaluation time period.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Joe Tex

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