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3D ImageScene

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Type of Program:Web page effects
Supported Platforms:Win95/98/NT4
Company Name:TriVista
Installed Size: 6MB


If you are looking for a cool way to display your digital photos on the Web, you should check this out! The tool is very intuitive and easy, with a series of simple screens to guide you through the process of selecting your images and creating one of six 3D scenes. The images are thumbnailed automatically and linked to larger versions of the images, which can be annotated. Other features include a batch reduction module, image editor, and file transfer button.

Once you publish the files on your Web site, anyone with a VRML browser can enjoy lively photo displays like a "PhotoGoRound" or a drive-down Highway. The files are actually pretty small, considering the amount of interactive content. This is great way to create interesting photo galleries. If someone doesn't have VRML, a 2D version can be created automatically.

Bonus: the installation includes a full version of a basic image editor called A Smaller Image. When you run it standalone, this is a handy tool for reducing the size of your photos, for emailing and making Web pages. I found it so useful, I keep a desktop shortcut.

User Friendly:
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Reviewed by Roving Gambler

This program can be purchased online at the TriVista Web site.

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