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Algebra I - Verbal Problems

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Type of Program:Educational
Supported Platforms:DOS
Authors Name : Charles O. Gauthier
Version 3.2
Price $10
Installed Size 156 KB


This program was written primarily for students beginning Algebra. It is a basic program without a lot of flash but it does have many options available to allow work on several different problem types. Setup is straightforward and can be run from a floppy disk.

Colors can be modified and your name can be added to make it more personal. As you answer questions the program keeps track of your percentage of right and wrong answers. It will however allow you three attempts to get the right answer; adding tips to help you solve it with each attempt.

Registering will allow you to print problem worksheets, print problems you get wrong, and allow you the option of sending problems to the printer, disk, or screen. The price is slightly higher for schools or businesses.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed By Damon D. Wallace,

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