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ClickIt Graph

Type of Program: Charting / Data Graphics
Version: 2.50
Supported Platforms: Win9x/NT
Company Name: Intuitive Logic
Price: $39.95
Installed Size: 8m


ClickIt Graph is a data graphics software that gives you control over a variety of graph types from your database information. It gives you over 20 different graph types for business, engineering and science presentations.

How does it operate? Data can be entered directly if you should decide to make a graph from scratch but why rewrite when you can import an already existing database you have? Compatible formats include Microsoft Access®, Microsoft Word® and PowerPoint® 97 and 2000. Plus you can save your final data in just as many formats. ClickIt Graph supports two and three-dimensional graph types including line, linear-logarithmic, logarithmic-linear, logarithmic-logarithmic, scatter, 3D scatter, bar, 3D bar, pie, 3D pie, 3D tape, 3D surface, polar, area, 3D area, box-whisker, bubble, candlestick, open-high-low-close, high-low-close, gantt, and data bound line. Whew! If that's not enough ClickIt Graph also supports linear regression, polynomial, logarithmic, exponential, power, inverse power and spline curve fitting. Best fit, mean, maximum, minimum and standard deviation lines are available for scatter and line graph types.

When you have your graph just the way you like it, put it on display in your presentation and make it really shine on a Web page. The program automatically creates the HTML file as well as an image map from the graph data, ready for the Web.

Email support is available both in the Shareware and Registered Versions though the Shareware Version will expire after 14 days.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Robert Hall

Purchases can be made by visiting their Web site.

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