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Type of Program: Windows Utility/Clip Board 
Supported Platforms: Win 95/98/NT
Authors Name: Mike Lin
Price: Freeware
Installed Size: 110 kb/95.7 zipped


When, oh when will someone design a clipboard utility that can integrate directly into the Windows menu shell and place itself onto the shortcut menu? 

Am I to forever test clipboards that *always* sit in the system tray, forcing me to slide my mouse up in search of the right icon (out of the many already there), then right click to search aimlessly through a bunch of meaningless text I've already used (and DON'T want to use again)? Or use some strange, ungainly keyboard shortcut combination? 

When will someone design a clipboard that simply keeps the RIGHT text, the text YOU want to be "always" handy. Things like your email address, your internet login, your passwords, you address and any other text you use often or on a daily basis? I don't WANT to have to be continually clearing out a mountain of useless text, just to keep the above mentioned items handy.

And handy they aren't. Right clicking in the middle of a document, with a small menu filled with the RIGHT information would be HANDY.

Alas. Michael Lim, he of the flawless, incredibly useful TRAYSAVER utility, has taken a shot at the clipboard calamity and failed.


Actually, Michael did nothing but re-create the design of the thousands of other meaningless and useless clipboards already permeating the Internet shareware sites. 

Clipomatic, with the standard permanent and default categories, and the 1,2,3 movement of text on the menu (one, which I might add, gives you the standard 10 item menu setting) is a convoluted mess of menus and finger twisting. 

Michael has set up Clipomatic to bring up a window at the point of insertion from which you can choose your text. Boy! Isn't THAT original! The Ctrl-Alt-V (I wonder if he actually tried this) is about as comfortable as slamming your hand in the car door and about as fast as playing baseball under water.

Needless to say, I became bored with Clipomatic within a few seconds of installing it. 

What?! can you give a proper assessment in a few seconds you ask. (I knew you would ask this.)

Look, when you've seen one box of oranges, you know right away when you're looking at another box of oranges. I've gone through so many clipboard utilities that it's easy enough to spot a copy of one.

Clipomatic follows the same design of the hundreds of clipboards that came before it. 

Plonk! Recycle bin.

Performance: Booooring. You seen seen 'em all.
User Friendly: Can we find a simple cut and paste someday? Everyone wants to include interesting new features that no one ever uses.
Ease of Installation: Michael's programs are always easy to install. Unfortunately, Windoze kept shutting mine down with an "illegal operation" warning every time I tried to access the permanent clip feature. Hmmm. Design flaw?
Support: With Michael Lim utilities? Always.
Help File: It's there, but not as accessible as it should be. You have to look for the page you want, rather than having a menu to look through. Disappointing.
Overall Score Ratio: 2.4 stars
Reviewed by OzNurse
**Bright Spot** 

This is a Michael Lim application, so you can be assured Michael will address these flaws and whip up a new and impressive new program that'll blow the socks off of even the most cynical of reviewers!

Hey! Did I just take a cheap shot at myself?

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