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Folder Jazz

Type of Program: Start-Menu Add-on
Supported Platforms: Win 95/98.NT(?)
Company Name: Software Jazz
Price: Freeware
Installed Size: 4.52kb zipped/11.8kb installed


As I am always looking for ways to get past ANYTHING Microsoft forces me to have (like almost everything on the Start Menu) I am constantly searching through the Windows shell add-on categories on any an every shareware site I come across. Most programs I come across are pathetic imitations of other, already well-known products (the myriad of pretenders to Microsoft's Power Toys comes to mind), and yet still others not even worth the bother. (yawn.)

However, when I do come across one that seems to have potential, I try it out. FOLDER JAZZ 1.0 was one such shell enhancement. A simple program with a simple task. "Folder Jazz is a context-menu add-in that lets you create a new folder in any existing folder in your system simply by right-clicking on the parent folder." -- Folder Jazz 1.0 README.txt. A nice addition to my shell collection. Now I needn't open each and every folder, right click and go down to "new" then over to "folder." All I have to do is simply right click on the folder itself and click on "New Folder." Up pops a simple menu with a command box for naming my new folder. And, being a shell, once installed, you can delete the program folder, .exe and all.

Unfortunately, there are a few drawbacks. As I said; it's a SIMPLE shell enhancement. 

This feature does NOT work on:

1) folders copied to the desktop. It will make a folder for the copied folder, but it won't 
show up in the resident folder.
2) the MY DOCUMENTS folder already placed on the desktop by Win98.
3) the "Desktop" icon or folder-side of Explorer, while Microsoft's New/Folder option will. (It 
will, however work on all the drive icons in Explorer.)
4) the Desktop. (Which surprised me to no end.) Once again, Microsoft's New/Folder option will 
work here as well. *sigh.

This feature DOES work on:

1) Just about everything else, which, I suppose, is something. I'll keep it anyway, since I'm a hard-core user of both my computer and shell enhancements and if nothing else, Folder Jazz 1.0 DOES save me from doing the "Microsoft Shuffle" just to create a bloody folder! At least this feature is located at the TOP of the shortchut menu -- Are you listening Microsoft?

I give this utility points for 1) making my life easier 2) making my life..oops. I already said that; 3) showing a bit of originality along with some good common sense in both the design and functionality.

Performance: Works well, but a few drawback hold me back on giving this a better score.
User Friendly: Easy installation and quick and simple use. Once again the drawbacks...
Cost: Free. Ok, how can you beat that? (What else could you give for somthing that is free?)
Ease of Installation: Readme.txt gives it to you in a few short (really short...too short) paragraphs.
Support: Non existent. No email address, no web site URL, no author's name, Nothing. 0 stars.
Help File: Non existent. Not that you'd need one with this type of program, but the effort would have been nice.
Reviewed by Oznurse.

Overall Score Ratio: 2.5 stars This, however is misleading considering the program does EXACTLY what it says it does; it delivers the goods, without the slick packaging. I'd recommend it highly to anyone who wants to be able to create a child folder within a parent folder without having to either open that folder or do the "Microsoft Shuffle." Hopefully, Jazz Software will address the drawbacks I brought up. However, a LITTLE bit of that slick packaging would have been nice....

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