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Icon Bank

Type of program: Icon tool
Supported platforms: Win 95/98
Company name: Spriteworks
Authors e-mail
Version: 4.0
Cost: $20
Installed size: 


I guess it's just me-but why does everyone assume when you download a program, that you are a computer guru? I damn near hurt myself trying to figure out how to get into this program! When you open the folder, there are more files, [mostly .bmp's] than is in Windows, and a couple of folders. The folders are empty, so I waded through the files, row by row looking for something that looked like an .exe file, a help file, or a read me file. I found mostly .bmp's, a few .gif's, a few .jpg's about 20 HTML .docs, and a read me file that had nothing to do with telling me what to do. I clicked on EVERY HTML .doc and finally I found the one worked, all the others were a picture of icons, or a picture of a calculator-user size-I never did figure out if you register the program if you would get the caluclator. Most of these .doc pages did nothing, said nothing, and just irriated me. Oh, I finally got the idea to go to Spriteworks website and while I found the product mentioned there, again, why does everyone assume that a novice wouldn't touch their stuff on a bet? Come on Spriteworks, some help files somewhere wouldn't hurt that much would it?

On the website they said the great thing about Icon Bank was the fact that the icons were stored on html pages-great guys, so how do I get them off of the html page? This shareware program has a couple of them pages, but clicking anywhere on them don't do anything, so let's me out, again.

I finally found the gold, no I won't tell you-yes I will, I won't be mean, I found mana using the one that said 'frame2.html' Eureaka, I found 6 pages of documentation. [I hate to say it, but again, it was 50% advertising, and partly aimed over my head] It told me how to change a desktop icon, and after I ran one of the .bmp's [which they say is for website creation] and saved as an .ico file, changing the desktop icon was easy. 

So if you know what you're doing, this program seems pretty good, got lots of stuff, and the registered version even comes with a jukebox, BUT what about the rest of us. Spriteworks, novices have a lot of $20 bills too, and with so many places offering free websites, even us greenies like to play. Just cause someone hasn't got a firm grip on turning the pc on, don't mean we won't buy stuff. WE WANT MORE HELP FILES. 

Course there is the alternative. A whole bunch of us greenies could get together and write to Spriteworks, and ask them to explain. No one would get any work done for all the e-mail, no new programs would get written, no one would buy from them any more.....all for the want of a help file, a 'kingdom' was lost!

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Reviewed by Stormy Strock

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